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zeroWire can be used as a medical alert system

The zeroWire system can be utilized as a powerful Medical Alert system.
This will enable a person to monitor a loved one who may need a little more minding in their own home.  The zeroWire can send a number of critical signals to enable the recipient to watch over a vulnerable relative or friend.


With features such as:

1. Person Activity monitoring.

With passive infra-red motion detectors installed in your zeroWire Medical System, relatives and friends can be notified via instant message to their smart phones when no activity or movement has been ‘noticed’ in the system from their loved ones.  The programming time for reporting of no activity in the premises is programable and therefore gives greater flexibility to receive a “no activity warning” within a time specified by the persons receiving the warning.

2. Water resistant Medical device.  

This is a button that can be worn as a watch, a pendant or on a belt.

This device is active 24 hours a day and will alert a relative or friend, and/or a monitoring center through a cloud based communication system should the button be pressed by the user in the premises.

This device can be programmed as a Medical or Panic Alarm device, and it is waterproof and can be worn in a shower.

3. Contact for Medical cabinet.

A wireless contact can be added to a medical cabinet to help ensure that a person is taking their medication each day.  The simple practical example of this feature is monitoring the medical cabinet where a family member will call the person in need of assistance if they have not received a notification to tell them that the medical cabinet was opened.

4. WIFI desktop or wall mount Camera with Audio feature

This camera can be connected to a family member(s) UltraSync+ App to enable them to contact the person in the premises who may require assistance. The Camera and Audio two-way voice (program optional) can be activated by the person in the home if they have an emergency (e.g. pressing their emergency button on the panel or on their person).

The camera and Audio channel may also be open by the caregiver through their UltraSync+ App, thus enabling them to provide assistance.

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Available for both iOS and Android™ devices

The UltraSync+ mobile app extends the programming and interactive capabilities of the UltraSync SmartHome beyond your front door. This system can also be professionally monitored by a central station for 24-hour emergency response.